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    How capital markets assess the credibility and accuracy of CSR reporting: Exploring the effects of assurance quality and CSR restatement issuance
    with Emiliano Ruiz-Barbadillo and Michele Guidi
    Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility 30 (4): 551-569. 2021.
    Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility, EarlyView.
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    Do Markets Punish or Reward Corporate Social Responsibility Decoupling?
    with Sana-Akbar Khan, Nazim Hussain, and Isabel-María García-Sánchez
    Business and Society 60 (6): 1431-1467. 2021.
    This article analyzes the relationship between corporate social responsibility decoupling and financial market outcomes. CSR decoupling refers to the gap between CSR disclosure and CSR performance. More specifically, we analyze the effect of CSR decoupling on analysts’ forecast errors, cost of capital, and access to finance. We also examine the moderating effect of forecast errors on relationships between CSR decoupling and cost of capital and access to finance. For a sample of U.S. firms consis…Read more
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    Sustainability assurance and cost of capital: Does assurance impact on credibility of corporate social responsibility information?
    with Isabel-María García-Sánchez
    Business Ethics: A European Review 26 (3): 223-239. 2017.
    This paper aims to examine the credibility value of sustainability assurance and the type of assurance provider on cost of capital. A large sample of international companies from the period 2007–2014 was used to develop our models of analysis. We find a greater decrease in cost of capital for companies that publish and assure their social and environmental reports. Thus, voluntary sustainability disclosures decrease the cost of capital. However, companies also have the opportunity to reinforce t…Read more
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    The role of female directors in promoting CSR practices: An international comparison between family and non‐family businesses
    with Lázaro Rodríguez-Ariza, Beatriz Cuadrado-Ballesteros, and Isabel-María García-Sánchez
    Business Ethics: A European Review 26 (2): 162-174. 2017.
    This article analyzes a panel of 550 international firms, for the period 2004 to 2010, to compare the role of female directors in family and non-family firms in promoting responsible practices. Many studies have associated the presence of women on the board with a higher degree of socially responsible commitment. However, we found that this is much less so in family firms than in non-family firms. In family firms, corporate social responsibility commitment does not vary significantly with the pr…Read more
  • Centenario de la Muerte de Friedrich Nietzsche
    with Manfred Kerkhoff and Yudit de Ferdinandy
    Editorial de la Universidad de Puerto Rico. 2000.