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    Overcoming Barriers to Cross-cultural Cooperation in AI Ethics and Governance
    with Seán S. ÓhÉigeartaigh, Yang Liu, Yi Zeng, and Zhe Liu
    Philosophy and Technology 33 (4): 571-593. 2020.
    Achieving the global benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) will require international cooperation on many areas of governance and ethical standards, while allowing for diverse cultural perspectives and priorities. There are many barriers to achieving this at present, including mistrust between cultures, and more practical challenges of coordinating across different locations. This paper focuses particularly on barriers to cooperation between Europe and North America on the one hand and East A…Read more
  • Technological advances are bringing new light to privacy issues and changing the reasons for why privacy is important. These advances have changed not only the kind of personal data that is available to be collected, but also how that personal data can be used by those who have access to it. We are particularly concerned with how information about personal attributes inferred from collected data (such as online behaviour), can be used to tailor messages and services to specific individuals or gr…Read more