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    East and West in Global History
    Theory, Culture and Society 23 (2-3): 408-410. 2006.
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    Emotion and cognition: Feeling and character identification in dreaming
    with David Kahn and Edward Pace-Schott
    Consciousness and Cognition 11 (1): 34-50. 2002.
    This study investigated the relationship between dream emotion and dream character identification. Thirty-five subjects provided 320 dream reports and answers to questions on characters that appeared in their dreams. We found that emotions are almost always evoked by our dream characters and that they are often used as a basis for identifying them. We found that affection and joy were commonly associated with known characters and were used to identify them even when these emotional attributes we…Read more
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    Consciousness can be studied only if subjective experience is documented and quantified, yet first-person accounts of the effects of brain injury on conscious experience are as rare as they are potentially useful. This report documents the alterations in waking, sleeping, and dreaming caused by a lateral medullary infarct. Total insomnia and the initial suppression of dreaming was followed by the gradual recovery of both functions. A visual hallucinosis during waking that was associated with the…Read more
  • First published in 1931, this _Routledge Revivals_ title reissues J.A Hobson’s analysis of financial distribution in the early years of Twentieth Century Britain. The book focuses on the moral questions that he considered to be important in regard to the economic reforms that were necessary to secure the utilisation of modern productivity for the welfare of mankind. In this work, Hobson considers the wasteful working of the economic system, with its over-production, under-consumption and unemplo…Read more
  • Gold Prices and Wages
    Routledge. 2010.
    First published in 1913, this _Routledge Revivals_ title reissues J. A. Hobson’s seminal analysis of the causal link between the rise in gold prices and the increase in wages and consumer buying power in the early years of the Twentieth Century. Contrary to the assertions of some notable contemporary economists and businessmen, Hobson contended that the relationship between gold prices and wages was in fact much more complex than it initially appeared and that there were significantly more impor…Read more
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    Autism: Self and others
    with Peter R. Hobson
    In Simon Baron-Cohen, Michael Lombardo & Helen Tager-Flusberg (eds.), Understanding Other Minds: Perspectives From Developmental Social Neuroscience, Oxford University Press. pp. 397. 2013.
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    Dialogic resonance and intersubjective engagement in autism
    with John W. Du Bois and R. Peter Hobson
    Cognitive Linguistics 25 (3): 411-441. 2014.