• Downward Causation and the Neurobiology of Free Will (edited book)
    Nancey Murphy, George Ellis, and Timothy O'Connor
    Springer Verlag. 2009.
    The book includes contributions by Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, George F. R. Ellis , Christopher D. Frith, Mark Hallett, David Hodgson, Owen D. Jones, Alicia Juarrero, J. A. Scott Kelso, Christof Koch, Hans Küng, Hakwan C. Lau, Dean Mobbs, ...
  • Ontic Indeterminacy: Chinese Madhyamaka in the Contemporary Context
    Australasian Journal of Philosophy 98 (3): 419-433. 2020.
    A number of analytical philosophers have recently endorsed the view that the world itself is indeterminate in some respect. Intriguingly, ideas similar to the view are expressed by thinkers from Chinese Madhyamaka Buddhism, which may shed light on the current discussion of worldly indeterminacy. Using as a basis Chinese Madhyamaka thought, together with Jessica Wilson’s account of indeterminacy, I develop an ontological conception of indeterminacy, termed ontic indeterminacy, which centres on tw…Read more