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    Mechanism of the formation of peripheral coarse grain structure in hot extrusion of Al-4.5Zn-1Mg
    with A. R. Eivani and J. Duszczyk
    Philosophical Magazine 96 (12): 1188-1196. 2016.
  • Comparative metagenomics reveals impact of contaminants on groundwater microbiomes
    with C. L. Hemme, Q. Tu, Z. Shi, Y. Qin, W. Gao, Y. Deng, J. D. Van Nostrand, L. Wu, Z. He, P. S. G. Chain, S. G. Tringe, M. W. Fields, E. M. Rubin, J. M. Tiedje, T. C. Hazen, and A. P. Arkin
    © 2015 Hemme, Tu, Shi, Qin, Gao, Deng, Van Nostrand, Wu, He, Chain, Tringe, Fields, Rubin, Tiedje, Hazen, Arkin and Zhou.To understand patterns of geochemical cycling in pristine versus contaminated groundwater ecosystems, pristine shallow groundwater and contaminated groundwater samples from the Oak Ridge Integrated Field Research Center were sequenced and compared to each other to determine phylogenetic and metabolic difference between the communities. Proteobacteria are the most abundant line…Read more
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    Small airway epithelial cells form a continuous sheet lining the conducting airways, which serves many functions including a physical barrier to protect the underlying tissue. In asthma, injury to epithelial cells can occur during bronchoconstriction, which may exacerbate airway hyperreactivity. To investigate the role of epithelial cell rupture in airway constriction, laser ablation was used to precisely rupture individual airway epithelial cells of small airways in rat lung slices. Laser ablat…Read more