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    Seismic modeling and expression of common fold-thrust structures
    with Shankar Mitra
    Interpretation 8 (1). 2020.
    We have conducted seismic modeling of common fold-thrust structures to understand the common geologic parameters influencing seismic data and to understand the common pitfalls associated with interpreting prestack time migration and prestack depth migration data. Mode 1 fault-bend folds are generally well-imaged in PSTM data, provided the correct migration velocities are used for the dipping back and front limbs. Seismic pull-ups of the footwall related to lateral velocity variations can result …Read more
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    White Matter Microstructure Alterations in Patients With Spinal Cord Injury Assessed by Diffusion Tensor Imaging
    with Yun Guo, Feng Gao, Yaou Liu, Hua Guo, Weiyong Yu, Zhenbo Chen, Mingliang Yang, Liangjie Du, and Degang Yang
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 13. 2019.
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    The heavy fog and smog in Beijing lets citizens and policy makers reflect on the moral and political ramifications of the rapid economic growth, and determine a strong policy towards a green future. This paper first investigates the serious impact of the fog and smog, and the response of citizens and municipality, then discusses the possible causes of this disastrous fog and smog, and reflects on why and how developing countries like China should accommodate a green future. In discussing the cas…Read more