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    Top Management Ethical Leadership and Firm Performance: Mediating Role of Ethical and Procedural Justice Climate
    with Yuhyung Shin, Sun Young Sung, and Min Soo Kim
    Journal of Business Ethics 129 (1): 43-57. 2015.
    Despite the prevailing discourses on the importance of top management ethical leadership, related theoretical and empirical developments are lacking. Drawing on institutional theory, we propose that top management ethical leadership contributes to organizational outcomes by promoting firm-level ethical and procedural justice climates. This theoretical framework was empirically tested using multi-source data obtained from 4,468 employees of 147 Korean companies from various industries. The firm-l…Read more
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    This study explores how and when ethical leadership predicts three forms of team-level creativity, namely team creativity, average of member creativity, and dispersion of member creativity. The results, based on 230 members of 44 knowledge work teams from Chinese organizations, showed that ethical leadership was positively related to team creativity and average of member creativity but was negatively related to dispersion of member creativity. Consistent with the predictions of uncertainty reduc…Read more
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    Dietary regimes and the nutrition transition: bridging disciplinary domains
    with Anthony Winson
    Agriculture and Human Values 34 (3): 559-572. 2017.
    The nutrition transition concept developed by Popkin has gained wide currency within the nutritional sciences literature as a way of understanding population wide changes to diet and energy balance and their related health outcomes in society. It offers a useful template of different nutritional patterns societies progress through, but it has not provided a comprehensive understanding of the why and how of dietary change. Building on insights from the literature on food regimes in the social sci…Read more
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    Meaning of the concept of Subject in Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy
    EPOCH AND PHILOSOPHY 30 (2): 199-233. 2019.
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    Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication on Multicore and Accelerators
    with S. W. Williams, N. Bell, M. Garland, L. Oliker, and R. Vuduc
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    Noninvasive determination of the optical properties of adult brain: Near-infrared spectroscopy approach
    with M. Wolf, V. Toronov, U. Wolf, C. Polzonetti, D. Hueber, L. P. Safonova, R. Gupta, A. Michalos, W. Mantulin, and E. Gratton
    The basic parameters for physiological measurements provided by near-infrared spectroscopy are the local absorption and scattering coefficients. For the adult human head, they have been difficult to measure noninvasively because of the layered structure of the head. The results of measurements of absorption and reduced scattering coefficients through the forehead on 30 adult volunteers using a multi-distance frequency domain method are reported. The optode separation distance ranged from 10 to 8…Read more