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    Eye movements of second language learners when reading spaced and unspaced Chinese text
    with Deli Shen, Simon P. Liversedge, Chuanli Zang, Lei Cui, Xuejun Bai, Guoli Yan, and Keith Rayner
    Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied 18 (2): 192-202. 2012.
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    A Study Of Gender Characteristics In English Culture Regarding The Language Of English
    Philosophy of the Social Sciences 35 (3): 155-158. 2005.
    English language through the analysis of the gender culture can be seen in the Anglo-American culture, gender and cultural characteristics. English language, gender expression and symbol of Anglo-American cultural reality. Anglo-American culture, gender and cultural reality of this performance: men are always significant and positive image associated with, whereas women are often associated with negative meaning associated with the image; men are always linked with the important things, while wo…Read more