•  46
    Using tDCS to Explore the Role of the Right Temporo-Parietal Junction in Theory of Mind and Cognitive Empathy
    with Xiaoqin Mai, Wenli Zhang, Xinmu Hu, Zhen Zhen, Zhenhua Xu, and Chao Liu
    Frontiers in Psychology 7. 2016.
  •  7
    The virtual hand illusion is moderated by context-induced spatial reference frames
    with Ke Ma and Bernhard Hommel
    Frontiers in Psychology 6. 2015.
  •  1
    Using almost-everywhere theorems from analysis to study randomness
    with Kenshi Miyabe and André Nies
    Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 22 (3): 305-331. 2016.
  • From the Selection of Culture to Ponder over China Modernization
    with Feng-lan Liu and San-Sheng Zhou
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 4 81-89. 2008.
    Modernization is the common pursuit of human society, and culture, especially the advanced culture of choice determines the direction of modernization. Advanced culture is all the fine blend of history and culture, the crystallization of human civilization, is the sublimation of the spirit of the times, is the modernization and social development, cohesion and internal thrust. The proletariat as a ruling party, the ability to choose the guidelines of advanced culture and always represent the for…Read more
  • Huang Zunxian's Chaoxian Celue and the Opening of Modern Korea
    with Zhen-Qing Wu
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2 93-100. 2007.
    Late 19th century, the fate and future of North Korea, caused by the Qing government's attention, insight have proposed to persuade North Korea open. Huangzunxian essays, "North Korea policy" that "pro-China, knot Japan, United American, self-map" proposal for North Korea policy plan, first established diplomatic relations with the United States, the United Russia refused. "Strategy" in North Korea caused nationwide shock, old school people launched a letter campaign, the North Korean government…Read more
  • On Culture Modernization of New China during the Past 60 Years
    with Ya-Guang Ji
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 5 13-19. 2009.
    Cultural modernization is the modernization of the most difficult cultural transformation. 60 years of New China, given the historical development of modern Chinese culture, a distinctive characteristic of the times. Thinking about the new culture of modern China 60 years, from the cultural and economic politics of the times and the national character, localization and globalization, a dollar and a diverse cultural undertakings and cultural industries, human development and social development to…Read more
  • Shen Si: Yi Shu de Jing Ling
    Bai Hua Zhou Wen Yi Chu Ban She. 2006.
  • Dang Dai Shen Mei Wen Hua Xin Lun = (edited book)
    with Zhou Fan and Bo Geng
    Zhongguo Chuan Mei da Xue Chu Ban She. 2008.