• RiceAtlas, a spatial database of global rice calendars and production
    with A. G. Laborte, M. A. Gutierrez, J. G. Balanza, K. Saito, S. J. Zwart, M. Boschetti, M. V. R. Murty, L. Villano, J. K. Aunario, R. Reinke, R. J. Hijmans, and A. Nelson
    Knowing where, when, and how much rice is planted and harvested is crucial information for understanding the effects of policy, trade, and global and technological change on food security. We developed RiceAtlas, a spatial database on the seasonal distribution of the world's rice production. It consists of data on rice planting and harvesting dates by growing season and estimates of monthly production for all rice-producing countries. Sources used for planting and harvesting dates include global…Read more
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    Impact of neighborhood and individual socioeconomic status on survival after breast cancer varies by race/ethnicity: The neighborhood and breast cancer study
    with S. Shariff-Marco, J. Yang, John E. M., M. Sangaramoorthy, A. Hertz, D. O. Nelson, C. W. Schupp, S. J. Shema, M. Cockburn, W. A. Satariano, I. H. Yen, N. A. Ponce, M. Winkleby, T. H. M. Keegan, and S. L. Gomez
    Background: Research is limited on the independent and joint effects of individual- and neighborhood-level socioeconomic status on breast cancer survival across different racial/ethnic groups. Methods: We studied individual-level SES, measured by self-reported education, and a composite neighborhood SES measure in females, ages 18 to 79 years and diagnosed 1995 to 2008, in the San Francisco Bay Area. We evaluated all-cause and breast cancer-specific survival using stage-stratified Cox proportion…Read more