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    Big pharma: a story of success in a market economy (review)
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 16 (2): 305-309. 2013.
    In this paper, I will argue that the current discussions about regulating certain activities concerning the pharmaceutical industry do miss a crucial point. The Pharmaceutical Industry is a story of success, providing a wealth of new discoveries and applied technologies, which have greatly enhanced our lives. The current call for strict regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry makes the unwarranted assumption that such regulation will not disturb the mechanisms of the Industry’s success. I will…Read more
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    Evolving Stencils for Typefaces: Combining Machine Learning, User’s Preferences and Novelty
    with Tiago Martins, Ernesto Costa, and Penousal Machado
    Complexity 2019 1-16. 2019.
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    In this paper I will briefly discuss flourishing and freedom, relating them to health and disease; discuss the tensions between flourishing and freedom; and exemplify how those discussions are relevant to chronic disease suffering. The concept of freedom has significant connections with the concepts of health, disability and disease. Understanding disease and disability in terms of the loss of aspects of freedom may help our understanding of the suffering that arises from chronic disease. On the…Read more
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    Fenomenologia e Teoria dos Sistemas: reflexões sobre um encontro improvável
    Revista Filosófica de Coimbra 12 (23): 181-214. 2003.
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    My Data Is Mine
    Glimpse 20 79-87. 2019.
    In August 2018, several European consumer associations have launched a lawsuit against Facebook arguing that “My data is mine,” but chose not to boycott the social network in its publicity campaign. The DECO FAQ list reveals why associations did not call for a boycott: they chose instead to use Facebook to disseminate information and to answer questions consumers might have. The argument presented by the associations confronts us with intricate questions concerning the nature of civil society, m…Read more
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    Combining Gamma With Alpha and Beta Power Modulation for Enhanced Cortical Mapping in Patients With Focal Epilepsy
    with Mario E. Archila-Meléndez, Giancarlo Valente, Erik D. Gommer, Sanne ten Oever, Judith C. Peters, Joel Reithler, Marc P. H. Hendriks, William Cornejo Ochoa, Olaf E. M. G. Schijns, Jim T. A. Dings, Danny M. W. Hilkman, Rob P. W. Rouhl, Bernadette M. Jansma, Vivianne H. J. M. van Kranen-Mastenbroek, and Mark J. Roberts
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14. 2020.
    About one third of patients with epilepsy have seizures refractory to the medical treatment. Electrical stimulation mapping is the gold standard for the identification of “eloquent” areas prior to resection of epileptogenic tissue. However, it is time-consuming and may cause undesired side effects. Broadband gamma activity recorded with extraoperative electrocorticography during cognitive tasks may be an alternative to ESM but until now has not proven of definitive clinical value. Considering th…Read more
  • ¿ Hay una arquitectura portuguesa?
    Contrastes: Revista Cultural 42 66-85. 2005.