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    Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 39 (2): 317-339. 2018.
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    Taking a plunge: a Cavellian reappraisal of Austin’s unhappy analogy
    British Journal for the History of Philosophy 27 (6): 1215-1238. 2019.
    ABSTRACTThis paper presents and defends a reappraisal of J.L. Austin’s infamous analogy between saying ‘I know’ and ‘I promise’ in ‘Other Minds.’ The paper has four sections. In §1, I contend that the standard reading of Austin’s analogy is a strawman that distorts the terms of the analogy and superimposes philosophical commitments that Austin was precisely trying to combat. In §§2 and 3, I argue that to understand the point of the analogy we must contextualize ‘Other Minds’ as a response to log…Read more
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    Inside Ethics: On the Demands of Moral Thought (review)
    Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 38 (1): 243-247. 2017.