• Georgetown University
    Department of Philosophy
    Assistant Professor
  • Georgetown University
    Kennedy Institute of Ethics
    Senior Research Scholar
  • The Greenwall Foundation
    Faculty Scholar
  • The Hastings Center
    Senior Bioethics Advisor & Fellow
Emory University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2017
APA Eastern Division
Washington, DC, United States of America

Joel Michael Reynolds is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Disability Studies at Georgetown University, Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Senior Bioethics Advisor to and Fellow of The Hastings Center, and Faculty Scholar of The Greenwall Foundation. At Georgetown, they are also core faculty in the Disability Studies Program, affiliated faculty in the Medical Humanities Initiative, faculty fellow of Ethics Lab, and director of graduate placement in the Department of Philosophy. They are the founder of The Journal of Philosophy of Disability and co-founder of the book series Oxford Studies in Disability, Ethics,…

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