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    "Beyond Rooted Digressions: The Concept of Moral; Reclaiming the Universality of its Objective Reality"
    In "New Visions on Old Views; Philosophical Essays", Outskirts Press, Inc.. pp. 106. 2021.
    The endeavor of this proposal seeks to engage the intellect in a new perspective of Moral along those characteristic operations of human nature/faculties elucidated to periodically delineate -in accordance with a theoretical framework-, the evolutional outcome of four distinct sets of free willed actions capable of denoting the gradual advancement of conduct, herein deemed as the universal path to moral conduct. In addition, the distinctive particularities defining the singularities of their out…Read more
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    What is Consciousness? When one looks up what the group called Project Consciousness (private group in Facebook) is all about, one finds the above question. As such, I find this group as a forum to share scientific information and our own ideas about what the nature of Consciousness is. Therefore, I would like to share my own ideas on the subject for your consideration. After much research and reflection, IMHO, I propose consciousness as an objective reality of quantum neuro dynamics whose manif…Read more
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    Windows to Wisdom; Philosophical Essay on Divine Nature
    In New Visions on Old Views; Philosophical Essays, Outskirts Press, Inc.. pp. 106. 2021.
    The premises for the work herein originally unfolded in the early 1990’s as a personal quest to procure an elucidation capable of satisfactorily reconciling humanity’s intuitive faith in a Supreme Being’s existence, with the scientific cognizance acknowledging the reality of all singular entities that exist in the Universe. At some point, it was deemed essential to construe its analysis in accordance to those theological concepts that could be recognized to substantiate the divine nature ascribe…Read more