• Autognorics (edited book)
    . 1998.
  • Consciousness is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon that has been studied from various scientific and philosophical perspectives. However, there is still no consensus on how to define, measure, and explain consciousness. In this paper, we propose a new framework for understanding consciousness based on Information Codexation through Codexation Dilemma, which was first introduced by Lawsin (1988) as a way to reconcile the scientific, philosophical, and aesthetic aspects of consciousness. Based…Read more
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    How did information emerge into the early minds of our very first humans? Who supplied our primitive ancestors with information? Where did it originate? Where did it come from? Was the source of information a who or a what? Was it god, space aliens, or something else? How was information stored and retrieved by an aneural organism? These basic questions were the keys that opened the conceptualization of a new school of thought known as Originemology, a pioneering discipline that examines genera…Read more
  • In this article, Joey Lawsin argues that intelligence, behaviors, perceptions, awareness, consciousness, and other related mental interims can be processed without the need of the brain. His claims are built upon the concepts of The Aneural Brein Theory, Inscription by Design, and Generated Interim Emergence, also known as The Single Theory of Everything. The first deals with A Brain without The Brain Paradigm, the second deals with Intuitive Systems, Embedded Inscriptions, and Generated Interim…Read more
  • The Phrenological Argument, also known as God's Parapraxis, is a new provocative philosophical argument that showcases God's Mental State of Inadequacy in his creation of the Human Mind. Lawsin* argues that if God has a perfect mind flawlessly capable of knowing things in advance, then he should have anticipated ahead of time the repercussions of creating a human mind that cannot fathom Truth and Reality. But since he created a mind incapable of knowing what is real and what is true, then it sho…Read more
  • According to Joey Lawsin, consciousness, thoughts, emotions, animations, dreams, music, noise, density, colors, sensations, life, and the self are all simply generated interims. They are latent by-materials that only emerge due to the presence of intuitive objects, dubbed as physicals. They are interim-generated parameters perceived to be REAL much like the temperature, pressure, volume, energy, and inscription that are derivatives of materials which only exist when conditions are met. When thes…Read more
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    In the realm of philosophy, concepts such as dualism, physicalism, panpsychism, functionalism, epiphenomenalism, the theory of the mind, closing the explanatory gap, and solving the hard problem often suffer from misinterpretation due to their fundamentally flawed foundations. To address this, we propose a novel perspective rooted in Originemology—a new school of thought centered on the origin, creation, and evolution of early information. By applying Originemology’s seminal theories—the Cavema…Read more
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    Zero and One are abstract concepts. They don't exist. They only exist in the mind by assumption. Mathematically, both words are called numerals by definition. When Zero is represented with the symbol 0 and One with 1, technically, the words become numbers by association. Numbers are the assumed physical representations of abstract numerals. By symbolic representation, both digits now exist outside the mind - the physical world - the world outside of ourselves - the inherent world that exists a l…Read more
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    Many thinkers, past, and present, have tried to solve the underlying mystery of consciousness. Yet, no one has ever categorically expressed its exact concrete essence, scope, or meaning until a new school of thought known as Autognorics was conceptualized in 1988 by Joey Lawsin. Consciousness, awareness, and self-realization, are three different things that can not be properly explained by science and philosophy due to the fact that their theoretical and philosophical bases are misguided. When t…Read more