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    A bottom-up algorithm for solving ♯2SAT
    with Guillermo De Ita and J. Raymundo Marcial-Romero
    Logic Journal of the IGPL 28 (6): 1130-1140. 2020.
    Counting models for a two conjunctive formula $F$, a problem known as $\sharp $2Sat, is a classic $\sharp $P complete problem. Given a 2-CF $F$ as input, its constraint graph $G$ is built. If $G$ is acyclic, then $\sharp $2Sat can be computed efficiently. In this paper, we address the case when $G$ has cycles. When $G$ is cyclic, we propose a decomposition on the constraint graph $G$ that allows the computation of $\sharp $2Sat in incremental way. Let $T$ be a cactus graph of $G$ containing a ma…Read more