• New Lines of Flight?
    with Alison Jasper
    Discourse: Learning and Teaching in Philosophical and Religious Studies 5 (2): 75-98. 2006.
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    ‘Religion’ in educational spaces
    with Alison Jasper
    Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 10 (3): 295-313. 2011.
    The focus of this article is how ‘religion’, as a materially heterogeneous concept, becomes mobilized in different educational spaces, and the kinds of knowing to which this gives rise. Three ‘case studyish’ illustrations are deployed in order to consider how religion and education produce kinds of knowing which may — or may not — involve knowing well and knowing differently. We argue that it is necessary to attend to both the understanding of religion that is being deployed and the specific edu…Read more
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    Forms of Exchange: Education, Economics and the Neglect of Social Contingency
    with Peter Cope
    British Journal of Educational Studies 51 (3): 219-232. 2003.
    Economics is privileged in contemporary government policy such that all human transactions are seen as economic forms of exchange. Education has been discursively restructured according to the logic of the market, with education policy being increasingly colonised by economic policy imperatives. This paper explores some of the consequences of this reframing which draws upon metaphors from industrial and business domains. This paper examines a significant dimension of teaching that currently has …Read more