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    Are People Rational?
    Philosophy Now 120 16-20. 2017.
    ABSTRACT. It is common for Bertrand Russell’s admirers to repeat his many quips about other people’s lack of good sense, for example, “most people would die sooner than think – in fact, they do so.”1 But it is less common for them to assert that this view is one of Russell’s fundamental assumptions about human nature and at the core of his serious moral, social, and political thought. This essay aims to show that this expressed scepticism about human reason is indeed a core assumption of Russel…Read more
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    Contents: Introduction / Naïve Logicism / Restricted Logicism / Metaphysics (Early, Middle, Late) / Knowledge (Early, Middle, Late) / Language (Early, Middle, Late) / The Infinite
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    The Historical Dictionary of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy is the only dictionary to date of Bertrand Russell's ideas. It is a guide to the many elements of Russell's philosophy. A glimpse at Russell's work shows instantly why such a text is needed. Taking his books alone, Russell is author of almost 100. Many are classics, several require technical expertise, and together they address dozens of separate disciplines and domains.
  • On the Idea That There is No Logic of Discovery: A History
    Dissertation, Boston University. 2000.
    The history of the idea that there is no logic of discovery is traced back from its occurrence as a fundamental tenet of twentieth century analytic philosophy of science to its origins in Kantian philosophy around 1800. Reichenbach, Carnap, Popper, and Hempel are taken as the principal influences on later analytic philosophers who held this view, and are shown to have each asserted it as part of the anti-psychologistic distinction between psychology and logic that was an increasingly standard as…Read more
  • The First American News Reports on Russell, with Commentary
    The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly 121. 2004.
  • The A to Z of Bertrand Russell's Philosophy offers a comprehensive, current guide to the many facets of Russell's work. Through its chronology, introductory essay, bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on concepts, people, works, and technical terms, Russell's impact on philosophy and related fields is made accessible to the reader in this must-have reference
  • What is Analysis? (review)
    The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly 127. 2005.
  • Properties of Analysis: Reply to Beaney
    The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly 128. 2005.