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Areas of Interest
Philosophy of Physical Science
Philosophy of Probability
General Philosophy of Science
Causal Eliminativism
Causal Realism
Causal Reductionism
Counterfactual Theories of Causation
Manipulability Theories of Causation
Nomological Theories of Causation
Process Theories of Causation
Statistical Theories of Causation
Theories of Causation, Misc
Chance and Determinism
Chance and Objective Probability, Misc
Logical Probability
Probabilistic Laws
Chance-Credence Principles
Humeanism and Nonhumeanism about Chance
Dispositional and Categorical Properties
Dispositions and Bases
Dispositions and Laws
Anti-Realism about Laws
Best-Systems Analyses
Ceteris Paribus Laws
Humeanism and Nonhumeanism about Laws
Law Statements
Laws as Relations between Universals
Necessitarianism about Laws
Nomological Necessity
Special Science Laws
Laws of Nature, Misc
Explanation and Laws
Causation and Laws
Logical Atomism
Metaphysical Naturalism
Formulating Physicalism
Causal Closure of the Physical
Nonreductive Materialism
Supervenience and Physicalism
Humean Supervenience
Methodology in Metaphysics
Ontological Disagreement
Actualism and Possibilism
Essence and Essentialism, Misc
Scientific Essentialism
Necessitism and Contingentism
De Re Modality, Misc
Conceptual Necessity
Metaphysical Necessity
Natural Properties
Property Nominalism
Realism and Anti-Realism
Metaphysical Realism
Internal Realism
The Model-Theoretic Argument
Standard Scientific Realism
Convergent Realism
Structural Realism
Constructive Empiricism
Convergence and Scientific Realism
Abduction and Scientific Realism
Novel Predictions and Scientific Realism
The Observation-Theory Distinction
Underdetermination of Theory by Data
Historical Arguments Against Scientific Realism
The Miracle Argument for Scientific Realism
Arguments For and Against Scientific Realism, Misc
Semantic Anti-Realism
Realism and Anti-Realism, Misc
Temporal Ontology
Growing Block Views
The Open Future
A-Theories of Time
B-Theories of Time
Experience of Temporal Passage
McTaggart's Argument
Physics of Time
The Specious Present
Time and Memory
Temporal Experience, Misc
The Direction of Time
Time Travel
Free Will and Neuroscience
Free Will and Physics
Free Will and Psychology
Theories of Freedom
Alternative Possibilities
Free Will and Responsibility
Free Will and Foreknowledge
Responsibility and Reactive Attitudes
The Consequence Argument
Topics in Free Will, Misc
Control and Responsibility
Causal Decision Theory
Evidential Decision Theory
Decision-Theoretic Frameworks, Misc
Newcomb's Problem
Deflationary Theories of Meaning
Inferentialist Accounts of Meaning and Content
Interpretivist Accounts of Meaning and Content
Use Theories of Meaning
Deflationary Theories of Reference
Verificationist Theories of Meaning
Rule-Based Theories of Meaning
Conceptual Analysis
Analyticity and A Priority
The Analytic-Synthetic Distinction
Radical Interpretation
The Intentional Stance
Liar Paradox
Correspondence Theory of Truth
Deflationism about Truth
Pragmatism about Truth
Prosentential Theory of Truth
Primitivism about Truth
Pluralism about Truth
Relativism about Truth
Truth and Justification
Truth-Value Gaps
Contextual Theories of Vagueness
Degree Theories of Vagueness
Fine-Tuning in Cosmology
Arguments for Theism, Misc
The Argument from Evil
Divine Hiddenness
Epistemology of Religion, Misc
Reformed Epistemology
Religious Experience
Religious Imagination
Religious Inclusivism and Exclusivism
Religious Pluralism
Science and Religion
Philosophy of Religion, General Works
Philosophy of Religion, Misc
M&E, Misc
Logical Consequence and Entailment
Sorites Paradox
Logical Semantics and Logical Truth
Mathematical Neo-Fregeanism
Bohmian Interpretation
Collapse Interpretations
Copenhagen Interpretation
Decoherence Interpretations
Everett Interpretation
Measurement Problem
Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics
Relational Interpretations
Transactional Interpretation
Action at a Distance
Bell's Theorem
Quantum Determinism and Indeterminism
Quantum Self-Observation
Schrodinger's Cat
Uncertainty Principle
History of Quantum Mechanics
Causal Theories of Spacetime
Conventionalism about Spacetime
Relationism about Spacetime
Substantivalism about Spacetime
The Hole Argument
Metaphysics of Spacetime, Misc
General Relativity
Space and Time, Misc
Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
Probability in the Physical Sciences, Misc
Philosophy of Physical Science, Misc
Conditional Probability
Degrees of Belief
Imprecise Credences
Philosophy of Statistics
Induction, Misc
Inductive Logic
Inductive Reasoning
Inductive Skepticism
Justification of Induction
New Riddle of Induction
Inference to the Best Explanation, Misc
Hypothetico-Deductive Method
Causal Accounts of Explanation
Deductive-Nomological Explanation
Unification Accounts of Explanation
Pragmatic Theories of Explanation
Theories of Explanation, Misc
Functional Explanation
Mathematical Explanation
Mechanistic Explanation
Narrative Explanation
Statistical Explanation
Explanatory Pluralism
Varieties of Explanation, Misc
Explanation in Mathematics
Pragmatics and Explanation
Explanatory Value
Explanation and Understanding
Explanation, Miscellaneous
History of Physics
Logical Empiricism
Philosophy of Science, General Works
General Philosophy of Science, Misc
Downward Causation
Emergence, Misc
Emergence in Physical Science
Concepts of Emergence
Ludwig Wittgenstein
Multiple Realizability
Theory Reduction
Reductive Explanation
Measurement in Science
Science and Values
Francis Bacon
Isaac Newton
Thomas Reid
Leibniz: Metaphysics
Leibniz: Epistemology
Leibniz: Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic
Leibniz: Philosophy of Science
Leibniz: Philosophy of Religion
Moses Mendelssohn
Kant: Space
Kant: Time
Kant: Transcendental Idealism
Kant: Causation
Kant: Freedom
Kant: Modality
19th Century Philosophy
William James
Josiah Royce
Charles Sanders Peirce
Ernst Mach
John Stuart Mill
Ludwig Feuerbach
Friedrich Nietzsche
Arthur Schopenhauer
Friedrich Schleiermacher
20th Century Philosophy
Rudolf Carnap
Donald Davidson
Paul Feyerabend
Nelson Goodman
David Lewis
Wilfrid Sellars
Gilbert Ryle
Bertrand Russell
Chinese Buddhist Philosophy
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