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    Evolutionary drive: The effect of microscopic diversity, error making, and noise (review)
    with P. M. Allen
    Foundations of Physics 17 (7): 723-738. 1987.
    In order to model any macroscopic system, it is necessary to aggregate both spatially and taxonomically. If average processes are assumed, then kinetic equations of “population dynamics” can be derived. Much effort has gone into showing the important effects introduced by non-average effects (fluctuations) in generating symmetry-breaking transitions and creating structure and form. However, the effects of microscopic diversity have been largely neglected. We show that evolution will select for p…Read more
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    This PhD by dissertation and project is an exploration of whether the epiphenomena that occurs when the ephemera of nature and the building align can be the basis for architectural design. This can produce transient events that enhance our secular being. Also another premise of this PhD is whether, as a fine artist, my aesthetic propensities can be modulated onto architectural practice.