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    Brahman and Dao: Comparative Studies of Indian and Chinese Philosophy and Religion (edited book)
    with Ram Nath Jha, Sophia Katz, Friederike Assandri, Nicholas F. Gier, Alexus McLeod, Tim Connolly, Yong Huang, Livia Kohn, Wei Zhang, Joshua Capitanio, Guang Xing, Bill M. Mak, Carl Olson, and Gad C. Isay
    Lexington Books. 2013.
    Although there are various studies comparing Greek and Indian philosophy and religion, and Chinese and Western philosophy and religion, Brahman and Dao: Comparatives Studies in Indian and Chinese Philosophy and Religion is a first of its kind that brings together Indian and Chinese philosophies and religions. Brahman and Dao helps close the gap on a much needed examination on the rich history of Buddhist transmission to China, and the many generations of Indian Buddhist missionaries to China and…Read more
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    Dunyi, Zhou
    . 2015.
    Zhou Dunyi Zhou Dunyi has long been highly esteemed by Chinese thinkers. He is considered one of the first “Neo-Confucians,” a group of thinkers who draw heavily on Buddhist and Daoist metaphysics to articulate a comprehensive, Confucian religious … Continue reading Dunyi, Zhou →.