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    Temporal dynamics of anxiety-related attentional bias: is affective context a missing piece of the puzzle?
    with Bruce K. Christensen and Stephanie C. Goodhew
    Cognition and Emotion 32 (6): 1329-1338. 2017.
    ABSTRACTPrevious research has demonstrated that anxious individuals attend to negative emotional information at the expense of other information. This is commonly referred to as attentional bias. The field has historically conceived of this process as relatively static; however, research by [Zvielli, A., Bernstein, A., & Koster, E. H. W.. Dynamics of attentional bias to threat in anxious adults: Bias towards and/or away? PLoS ONE, 9, e104025; Zvielli, A., Bernstein, A., & Koster, E. H. W.. Tempo…Read more