• This chapter describes the teaching practice of CanaVox, a pro-marriage social movement, examining its relationship to Catholic teaching, particularly the discourse of the common good. Having established that CanaVox’s platform is an interpretation and extension of Catholic teaching on marriage, gender essentialism, and the role of women, it examines the moral warrants and methods of self-tutelage practiced by members through an examination of the group’s syllabus of literature and leader’s guid…Read more
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    Radical Friendship: The Politics of Communal Discernment. By Ryan Andrew Newson
    Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 39 (2): 400-401. 2019.
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    Almost Human: Ambivalence In The Pro-choice And Pro-life Movements
    Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society 23 (4): 495-515. 2011.
    Scholars find that political elites are badly polarized over a large range of policy issues, but they tend to agree that the mass public is much more ambivalent. The abortion war in particular is regarded as one in which millions of ambivalent citizens are caught in the crossfire of polarized activists. Yet even abortion activists struggle to escape the very ambivalent sentiments that plague ordinary Americans. These common sentiments even exert a moderating influence on both movements in ways t…Read more