• The Psychic Life of Power: Theories in Subjection
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 46 (6): 1016. 1997.
  •  14
    Theory and God in gotham
    History and Theory 45 (4): 47-61. 2006.
    “Theory” is all the rage among religious studies scholars generally. But with the tiniest number of exceptions, this is not true in American religious history. American history in general has not proven receptive to theoretically oriented scholarship, and American religious history may epitomize this aversion; most histories of religion in America follow the classic forms of narrative history. Yet the study of religion in modern urban America illustrates the desirability and perhaps even the ine…Read more
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    The Self after Postmodernity
    Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy/Revue canadienne de philosophie continentale 2 (1): 116-119. 1998.
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    Hermeneutics and the Rhetorical Tradition (review)
    Symposium 3 (1): 122-124. 1999.