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    EM Fields and the Meaning of Meaning: Response to Johnjoe McFadden
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 20 (9-10): 9-10. 2013.
    McFadden has recently raised several cogent points about the problems of 'Gestalt Information' and the meaning of meaning in human experience, in particular the central problem of 'binding'. Very reasonably, he has tried to resolve these problems in terms of a unified electromagnetic field. However, certain premises on which his arguments are based are open to question. Of these, two deserve particular note. The claim that individual neurons only have access to a tiny number of bits of informati…Read more
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    Proximal Experience as an Essential Part of Physics
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 28 (3-4): 76-99. 2021.
    Conscious experience has been said to be outside of, or alien to, physics, and unexplained in a physical world. However, it is argued here that experience is entirely expected in a physical world that can only be defined by its power to determine patterns of experience. Something physical is something with the type of causal power that can contribute to determining the content of an experience if a subject is present at the right place and time. Physical powers also interact with other physical …Read more
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    Quantum-Level Experience in Neural Dendrites: An Interpretation-Neutral Model
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 27 (11-12): 8-29. 2020.
    It is proposed that a human conscious experience of the sort we report to each other reflects a direct causal interaction between a pattern of information about the world, encoded in a field of postsynaptic potentials, and a quantized mode of excitation occupying dendritic cytoskeleton. The requirement for a quantized account is seen simply as the need for an event of experience to be a single indivisible, but richly patterned, causal relation between information and an 'informee'. It is argued …Read more
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    Why Integrated Information Theory Must Fail on its Own Causal Terms
    with T. van Stekelenburg
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 27 (7-8): 144-164. 2020.
    In defining physical (i.e. causal dynamic) units to which conscious experience is to be ascribed, integrated information theory (IIT) raises three notable requirements: (1) that a unit to which consciousness is ascribed must be defined, or circumscribed, by some intrinsic aspect or property, where intrinsic implies existing 'for itself' or 'from its point of view'; (2) that the intrinsic aspect that defines the unit to which consciousness is ascribed must be dynamic (i.e. involve causal power) r…Read more
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    So It Was Microtubules After All?
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (7-8): 226-232. 2015.
    Conference Report: Towards a Science of Consciousness, Helsinki 2015.
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    Editorial: Representation in the Brain
    with Asim Roy, Leonid Perlovsky, Tarek R. Besold, and Juyang Weng
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
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    Understanding consciousness: A collaborative attempt to elucidate contemporary theories
    with Alfredo Pereira Jr, C. Nunn, A. Trehub, and M. Velmans
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 17 (5-6): 5-6. 2010.
    Nature Network Groups hosted an invited workshop on 'Theories of Consciousness' during the second semester of 2009. There were presentations by each of 15 authors active in the field, followed by debate with other presenters and invitees. A week was allocated to each of the theories proposed; general discussion threads were also opened from time to time, as seemed appropriate. We offer here an account of the principal outcomes. It can be regarded as a contemporary, 'state of the art' snapshot of…Read more
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    Laser microsurgery in cell and developmental biology
    with M. W. Berns, J. Aist, K. Strahs, J. Girton, P. McNeill, J. B. Rattner, M. Kitzes, M. Hammer-Wilson, L. H. Liaw, A. Siemens, M. Koonce, S. Peterson, S. Brenner, J. Burt, Walter R., P. J. Bryant, D. Van Dyk, J. Coulombe, T. Cahill, and G. S. Berns
    New applications of laser microbeam irradiation to cell and developmental biology include a new instrument with a tunable wavelength laser microbeam and a wide range of energies and exposure durations. Laser microbeams can be used for microirradiation of selected nucleolar genetic regions and for laser microdissection of mitotic and cytoplasmic organelles. They are also used to disrupt the developing neurosensory appendages of the cricket and the imaginai discs of Drosophila. Copyright © 1981 AA…Read more
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    Are our spaces made of words?
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 15 (1): 63-83. 2008.
    It is argued that both neuroscience and physics point towards a similar re-assessment of our concepts of space, time and 'reality', which, by removing some apparent paradoxes, may lead to a view which can provide a natural place for consciousness and language within biophysics. There are reasons to believe that relationships between entities in experiential space and time and in modern physicists' space and time are quite different, neither corresponding to our geometric schooling. The elements …Read more
  • This expands the proposal in 'Is consciousness only a property of individual cells?' to attempt to cover all relevant psychological, neuroscientific and philosophical issues. Some of the material is now dated (in 2011) but chiefly in the sense that tentative proposals have become firmer views for me. An example of this is the clarification of complementarities in "Are our spaces made of words?'.
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    Is consciousness only a property of individual cells?
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 12 (4-5): 60-76. 2005.
    We perceive colour, shape, sound and touch 'bound together' in a single experience. The following arguments about this binding phenomenon are raised: (1) The individual signals passing from neurone to neurone are not bound together, whether as elements of information or physically. (2) Within a single cell, binding in terms of bringing together of information is potentially feasible. A physical substrate may also be available. (3) It is therefore proposed that a bound conscious experience must b…Read more