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    Negotiating evil: an introduction
    with Ulf Zackariasson
    International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 78 (4-5): 329-333. 2017.
    Evil strikes directly at what we care most deeply about, and attempts to control, predict and even eliminate it often generate new and unforeseen evils. Hence, it is no surprise that philosophers and theologians keep returning to the topic. The following special issue springs from the 21st conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion held in Uppsala, Sweden, August 2016.
  • Pessoa como cifra – Uma reflexão sobre o conceito de pessoa a partir de Karl Jaspers
    Scintilla: Revista de Filosofia e Mística Medieval 3 (2). 2006.
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    The genesis of empathy in human development: a phenomenological reconstruction (review)
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 17 (2): 259-268. 2014.
    In phenomenology, theories of empathy are intimately connected with the question of how it is possible to have insight into the mind of the other person. In this article, the author wants to show why it is self-evident for us that the other person is having experiences. In order to do so, it is not enough to discuss the phenomenon of empathy with a starting point in the already constituted adult person; instead the article presents a genetic approach to human development. The author thus contras…Read more