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    The Companion to Raymond Aron (edited book)
    with Elisabeth Dutartre-Michaut
    Palgrave Macmillan US. 2015.
    This edited collection of essays brings to light the rare virtues and uncommon merits of Raymond Aron, the main figure of French twentieth-century liberalism. The Companion to Raymond Aron is an essential supplement to Aron's autobiography Mémoires (1984) and main works, exploring the substance of his political, sociological, and philosophical thought.
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    Towards Natural Right and History (edited book)
    with Svetozar Minkov
    The University of Chicago Press. 2018.
    Natural Right and History is widely recognized as Strauss’s most influential work. The six lectures, written while Strauss was at the New School, and a full transcript of the 1949 Walgreen Lectures show Strauss working toward the ideas he would present in fully matured form in his landmark work. In them, he explores natural right and the relationship between modern philosophers and the thought of the ancient Greek philosophers, as well as the relation of political philosophy to contemporary poli…Read more
  • Comic Cure for Delusional Democracy by Gene Fendt (review)
    Interpretation 42 (2): 291-296. 2016.
  • On Human Nature, by Roger Scruton (review)
    Interpretation 43 (3): 461-466. 2017.