•  18
    Pocklington Equation via Circuit Theory
    with V. Barrera-Figueroa, Av Ipn No, Col Barrio La Laguna Ticomán, and J. Sosa-Pedroza
    Apeiron: Studies in Infinite Nature 16 (1): 45. 2009.
  • Henry more: The Spirit of Nature as Imaginatio Dei
    Acta Comeniana 29 61-86. 2015.
    The paper presents Henry More’s doctrine of the Spirit of Nature. Through a thorough analysis of both his earlier and later work, it shows in which regards he draws from traditional Neo-Platonic notions of a soul of the world and in which regards he transforms it in order to fi t it into the framework of early modern natural philosophy. The guideline is an attempt to map possible parallels between the functions of imagination on a microcosmic scale and the Spirit of Nature on a macrocosmic one. …Read more
  • Juan Manuel Burgos, la filosofía personalista de Karol Wojtyla (review)
    Acta Philosophica 17 (1). 2008.