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    The ethics of betel nut consumption in Taiwan
    with Geoffrey Sem, Eugene Sit, and Michael Cheng-tek Tai
    Journal of Medical Ethics 43 (11): 739-740. 2017.
    The ethics of betel nut use in Taiwan are examined in this article. It first presents scientific facts about the betel quid, its consumption and negative health consequences and then analyses the cultural background and economic factors contributing to its popularity in Asia. Governmental and institutional attempts to curb betel nut cultivation, distribution and sales are also described. Finally, the bioethical implications of this often ignored subject are considered.
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    Communicating with Sufferers: Lessons from the Book of Job
    Christian Bioethics 19 (1): 82-99. 2013.
    This article looks at the question of sin and disease in bioethics with a spiritual-theological analysis from the book of Job. The biblical figure Job is an innocent and just man who suffered horrendously. His dialogues with others—his wife, his friends, and God—can give many valuable insights for patients who suffer and for those who interact with them. Family, friends, physicians, nurses, chaplains, and pastoral workers can learn from Job how to communicate properly with sufferers. The main qu…Read more