• Some Arguments for the Operational Reading of Truth Expressions
    Jakub Gomułka and Jan Wawrzyniak
    Analiza I Egzystencja 24 61-86. 2013.
    The main question of our article is: What is the logical form of statements containing expressions such as “… is true” and “it is true that …”? We claim that these expressions are generally not used in order to assign a certain property to sentences. We indicate that a predicative interpretation of these expressions was rejected by Frege and adherents to the prosentential conception of truth. We treat these expressions as operators. The main advantage of our operational reading is the fact that …Read more
  • The Metaphysics of Truth
    Oxford University Press. 2018.
    What is truth? What role does truth play in the connections between language and the world? What is the relationship between truth and being? Douglas Edwards tackles these questions and develops a distinctive metaphysical worldview. He argues that in some domains language responds to the world, whereas in others language generates the world.