• Stain Removal challenges the idea that we are born as unblemished subjects, unmarked by qualitative associations of value and race. Arguing that value is inheritable as well as mediated through race, the book advances a theory of the evaluative nature of all representation.
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    Reprobation as Shared Inquiry: Teaching the Liberal Arts in Prison
    Radical Philosophy Review 18 (2): 287-308. 2015.
    Respect for victims requires that we have social systems for punishing and condemning (reproving) serious crimes. But, the conditions of social marginalization and political subordination of the communities from which an overwhelming number of prisoners in the United States come place serious barriers in the face of effective reprobation. Mass incarceration makes this problem worse by disrupting and disrespecting entire communities. While humanities education in the prisons is far from a total s…Read more
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    Reprobation as Shared Inquiry
    Radical Philosophy Review 18 (2): 287-308. 2015.