•  246
    Are All Primitives Created Equal?
    Southern Journal of Philosophy 56 (2): 273-292. 2018.
    Primitives are both important and unavoidable, and which set of primitives we endorse will greatly shape our theories and how those theories provide solutions to the problems that we take to be important. After introducing the notion of a primitive posit, I discuss the different kinds of primitives that we might posit. Following Cowling (2013), I distinguish between ontological and ideological primitives, and, following Benovsky (2013) between functional and content views of primitives. I then p…Read more
  • Age related changes in pro-and retrospective memory
    with B. Uttl, P. Graf, and H. Tuokko
    Consciousness and Cognition 7. 2001.
  •  41
    Frankfurt and the folk: An experimental investigation of Frankfurt-style cases
    with Adam Feltz
    Consciousness and Cognition 20 (2): 401-414. 2011.
    An important disagreement in contemporary debates about free will hinges on whether an agent must have alternative possibilities to be morally responsible. Many assume that notions of alternative possibilities are ubiquitous and reflected in everyday intuitions about moral responsibility: if one lacks alternatives, then one cannot be morally responsible. We explore this issue empirically. In two studies, we find evidence that folk judgments about moral responsibility call into question two popul…Read more