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    Analysis of Novel Basketball Coaches: Pedagogical Content Knowledge Using Mixed Methodology
    with Lucia Granda-Ortells, Inmaculada Alemany-Arrebola, and Ángel Custodio Mingorance-Estrada
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2022.
    The aim of this article is to know the role of learning tasks within the pedagogical content knowledge of novel sports coaches in initial stages of sports training of children/young people and their impact on their daily work. Participants are two coaches in their first or second working year. A mixed methodology was used by means of polar coordinates analysis. The results agree with previous studies that established that PCK of novel coaches presents deficits in task selection and modification,…Read more
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    Influence of COVID-19 on the Perception of Academic Self-Efficacy, State Anxiety, and Trait Anxiety in College Students
    with Inmaculada Alemany-Arrebola, Gloria Rojas-Ruiz, and Ángel Custodio Mingorance-Estrada
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.