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    [ ] Toward an Ontology of Finitude
    Continent 1 (3): 195-200. 2011.
    Hölzl palpates an ontology of fracture. Unlike original ontologies that are concerned with essence rather than being, the ontology proposed here does not believe in its originality. This project is concerned with becoming as such rather than with its Wesen. With the indefinite striving for remaining in itself. This ontology is a fissure, fissuring itself.
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    "This text shines like the sea: always in motion, in waves, short or long, with a thousand gleams of the sun, and a thousand small appearances of foam; and one is far from any coast." -Jean-Luc Nancy Still, duration seems to be considered a "first-rate-value on earth," as deemed by Nietzsche more than 120 years ago, whereas transience tends to be negated. Eluding their re-presentationability, ephemera are sub-ordinated to the enduring and are only thought of as and in relation to permanence. Thi…Read more
  • The real time player: a virtual space odyssey
    Ontology Studies: Cuadernos de Ontología. 2008.