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    Interpreting our emotions
    Ratio 33 (1): 68-78. 2020.
    Ratio, EarlyView.
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    Is it possible to develop a personal narrative that is not fictitious or self-deceptive? In this essay, I will look at the way that personal narratives contribute to self-deception. In so doing, I will consider the narrative that the narrator or pastor of André Gide’s Pastoral Symphonie develops while reflecting upon his romantic relationship with his blind adopted “daughter”, Gertrude. Although the pastor’s narrative is largely self-deceptive, we need not fear that all narratives are equally de…Read more
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    Self‐Deception Unmasked, by Alfred Mele (review)
    Ethics 112 (3): 628-631. 2002.
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    In Morality and Global Justice, Michael Boylan presents us with a set of solutions to some of the world’s most pressing moral issues. Boylan claims that his solutions are not utopian; instead, they are practical, workable policy recommendations that governments and other organizations should adopt. For the most part, Boylan is correct; there are no obviously insurmountable obstacles to implementing many of his recommendations. But, as he himself admits, his position on immigrants and refugees bo…Read more
  • Maladies of Fantasy and Depth
    Social Theory and Practice 35 (1): 15-28. 2009.
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    What’s So Great about Reality?
    Canadian Journal of Philosophy 35 (3): 407-427. 2005.
    Life is so wretched that it would be impossible to endure were it not for the luminous beams of illusion that guide us through its darkest moments. Many argue, perhaps not to this degree, that were it not for some modest illusions about the world and ourselves we would experience a serious decline in quality of life. On those not-so-good days, this claim strikes me as irresistible. How would I endure life and maintain my sanity if I had to embrace each and every disgusting and disheartening fact…Read more
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    Ethics and self-deception
    Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 2007.
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  • Robert Paul Churchill
    with John-Stewart Gordon
    In Michael Boylan (ed.), The Morality and Global Justice Reader, Westview Press. pp. 1. 2011.
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    Is Abortion a Question of Personal Morality?
    International Journal of Applied Philosophy 27 (1): 91-99. 2013.
    Is abortion a question of personal morality? Liberals and feminists often embrace this idea, but so also do those who are personally opposed to abortion. Someone may claim to believe personally that abortion is wrong without holding the corresponding public belief. I am interested in what exactly one means when one says that abortion is a question of personal morality. In Sec. II, I consider three influential interpretations of the claim that abortion is a question of personal morality. After sh…Read more
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    When Is Ignorance Morally Objectionable?
    In Michael Boylan (ed.), The Morality and Global Justice Reader, Westview Press. pp. 51. 2011.