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    Formation of Autapse Connected to Neuron and Its Biological Function
    with Chunni Wang, Shengli Guo, Ying Xu, Jun Tang, Faris Alzahrani, and Aatef Hobiny
    Complexity 2017 1-9. 2017.
    Autapse is a specific synapse connected to the neuron via close loop, and its functional adjusting is described by applying time-delayed feedback on the membrane potential of the neuron. This paper discussed the possible formation mechanism and biological function of autapse connection on neurons. We believe that the formation and growth of autapse connected to neuron can be associated with injury on axon and blocking in signal transmission; thus auxiliary loop is developed to form an autapse. W…Read more
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    Controlling a chaotic resonator by means of dynamic track control
    with Chunni Wang and Runtong Chu
    Complexity 21 (1): 370-378. 2016.