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    The nature of hemispheric specialization in man
    with N. C. Nettleton
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 4 (1): 51-63. 1981.
    The traditional verbal/nonverbal dichotomy is inadequate for completely describing cerebral lateralization. Musical functions are not necessarily mediated by the right hemisphere; evidence for a specialist left-hemisphere mechanism dedicated to the encoded speech signal is weakening, and the right hemisphere possesses considerable comprehensional powers. Right-hemisphere processing is often said to be characterized by holistic or gestalt apprehension, and face recognition may be mediated by this…Read more
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    Abnormal movements can be identified in “atypical” populations
    with J. G. Phillips, M. J. Slavin, and C. Pantelis
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19 (1): 84-85. 1996.