• Leon Chwistek On The Relationality And The Dynamism Of The Concept Of Reality
    Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia 6 (4): 111-121. 2011.
    The main focus of this article is to present Leon Chwistek’s theory of multiplicity of realities and to confront it with the theory of culture of Ernst Cassirer. Both authors depart from a similar assumption about the mediated character of human cognition. However, this Kantian thesis has been developed by each of them in a unique way. This enables to compare various developments of the same transcendental thesis: on the one hand Chwistek’s logical understanding of the plurality of realities and…Read more
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    Naturalistyczne i humanistyczne uzasadnienie filozofii kultury
    with Ernst Cassirer
    Archiwum Historii Filozofii I Myśli Społecznej 56 317-342. 2011.
  • Teoria wielości rzeczywistości
    Archiwum Historii Filozofii I Myśli Społecznej 48. 2003.
  • Culture and Human Responsibility
    Archiwum Historii Filozofii I Myśli Społecznej 56. 2011.
    This article is an introduction to Ernst Cassirer’s essay Naturalistic and Humanistic Fundation of Philosophy of Culture. At the beginning the biographical background of its emergence is outlined. Hitler’s rise to power forced Cassirer to emigrate to Sweden. This difficult situation induced him to substantially rethink the ethical dimension of his philosophy of symbolic forms. In the essay Cassirer distinguishes two currents of modern philosophical reflection about man and culture: the naturalis…Read more
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    This paper focuses on the theory of plurality of realities introduced by Leon Chwistek. A critical analysis of this theory and an extensional interpretation of Chwistek’s axiomatic descriptions of four realities lead to an epistemological interpretation of this theory. The word “plurality” in the title is a result of different waysof understanding the same original set of sense-data. This interpretation is contrasted with Kazimierz Pasenkiewicz’s ontological version of this theory. In the final …Read more
  • Leon Chwistek o relacyjności i dynamice pojęcia rzeczywistości
    Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia 111-122. 2011.
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    Leon Chwistek-in Memoriam
    Estetyka I Krytyka 2 (5): 168-173. 2003.
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    O faktach instytucjonalnych
    Diametros 28 20-31. 2011.
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    Institutional Facts
    Diametros 20-31. 2011.
    The principal aim of this article is to analyze the structure of institutional facts. These are facts whose essential part is a particular social context. The physical facts that present the background of institutional facts are called “brute facts”. In the article I define the link between them and institutional facts. I first analyze the concept of the brute fact using Elizabeth Anscombe’s article On brute facts . I discuss in detail the structure of institutional facts and define their relati…Read more
  • Theory Of Plural Realities
    Archiwum Historii Filozofii I Myśli Społecznej 48. 2003.