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    The Significance of Non-conceptual Mental Content in Kant's Aesthetics
    Dissertation, University of Luxembourg. 2020.
    This work is an in depth investigation of the nature of aesthetic appreciation in Kant`s aesthetics and the role of non-conceptual mental content in producing artwork. My thesis argues for a number of claims in this respect. Firstly, I define aesthetic attention, and contend that aesthetic attention is a spontaneously chosen mental state focussed on non-conceptual sensible representations i.e. intuitions, which differ in kind from conceptual representations. Second, I observe that aesthetic atte…Read more
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    Although Deleuze has written a whole volume on Kant, in the present essay I am paying close attention to a short and concentrated article of his on Kant’s third Critique entitled, The Idea of Genesis in Kant’s Aesthetic, because in it Deleuze highlights how the sublime experience is conducive to the aesthetic ought in Kant’s architectonic system, and how the sublime experience is necessary to engender artistic creativity. I argue, that although Deleuze rejects Kant’s thesis that there should be …Read more