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    Anthropological Dimension of Wartime Ecocide: Ecofeminist Methodological Assessments
    Anthropological Measurements of Philosophical Research 25 84-99. 2024.
    _Purpose._ The authors aim to disclose the anthropological dimension of ecocide during and after Russia’s war against Ukraine, relying on the multidisciplinary practices and intellectual production of ecofeminist women thinkers, including philosophers, sociologists, historians, psychologists, and others. _The theoretical basis_ methodological approaches in philosophical anthropology, phenomenology, analytical philosophy, communicative philosophy, existentialism, ethics of justice, and ethics of …Read more
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    The article analyzes the historical and philosophical background of the interdependence of modern gender and ecological ideas in the context of philosophical concepts of F.V. J. Schelling, M. Scheler, L. Mumford, J. Lotman, J. Habermas and others. Study emphasized that the perception of women and natural world as the passive resources is rooted in the neoclassical approach. The gender approach overcomes the negative ecological trends. It reinvents the correlation between instrumental and communi…Read more