• Artificial intelligence for good health: a scoping review of the ethics literature
    with Jennifer Gibson, Vincci Lui, Nakul Malhotra, Jia Ce Cai, Neha Malhotra, Donald J. Willison, Ross Upshur, and Erica Di Ruggiero
    BMC Medical Ethics 22 (1): 1-17. 2021.
    BackgroundArtificial intelligence has been described as the “fourth industrial revolution” with transformative and global implications, including in healthcare, public health, and global health. AI approaches hold promise for improving health systems worldwide, as well as individual and population health outcomes. While AI may have potential for advancing health equity within and between countries, we must consider the ethical implications of its deployment in order to mitigate its potential har…Read more
  • Researching Multisystemic Resilience: A Sample Methodology
    with Michael Ungar, Linda Theron, and Philip Jefferies
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2021.
    In contexts of exposure to atypical stress or adversity, individual and collective resilience refers to the process of sustaining wellbeing by leveraging biological, psychological, social and environmental protective and promotive factors and processes. This multisystemic understanding of resilience is generating significant interest but has been difficult to operationalize in psychological research where studies tend to address only one or two systems at a time, often with a primary focus on in…Read more
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    Psychiatric Disorders From Childhood to Adulthood in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome: Results From the International Consortium on Brain and Behavior in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome (review)
    with M. Schneider, M. Debbane, A. S. Bassett, E. W. C. Chow, W. L. A. Fung, Bree M. B. M. van den, M. Owen, M. Niarchou, W. R. Kates, K. M. Antshel, W. Fremont, D. M. McDonald-McGinn, R. E. Gur, E. H. Zackai, J. Vorstman, S. N. Duijff, P. W. J. Klaassen, A. Swillen, D. Gothelf, T. Green, A. Weizman, T. Van Amelsvoort, L. Evers, E. Boot, V. Shashi, S. R. Hooper, C. E. Bearden, M. Jalbrzikowski, Armando M., S. Vicari, D. G. Murphy, O. Ousley, T. J. le CampbellSimon, S. Eliez, and CBBQ2 Int