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    This thesis aims to determine whether international gestational surrogacy contracts are exploitative, and whether they should be prohibited. I chose a group of women working as surrogates at Kaival Maternity Home and Surgical Hospital, in Anand, Gujarat, India as a study group. After examining their life circumstances, I argue that these women live in unjust circumstances caused by institutional sexism and poverty. I critically assess arguments launched against surrogacy, organ trade, and prosti…Read more
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    In the case discussion, ‘Equity in Public Health Ethics: The Case of Menu Labelling Policy at the Local Level’ , Mah and Timming state that menu labelling would ‘place requirements for information disclosure on private sector food businesses, which, as a policy instrument, is arguably less intrusive than related activities such as requiring changes to the food content’. In this commentary on Mah and Timming’s case study, I focus on discussing how menu-labelling policy permits governments to avoi…Read more
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    Alcohol, Liberty, and Societal Change: What Should We Do About Our Drinking Problem?
    with Angus Dawson
    American Journal of Bioethics 15 (3): 12-14. 2015.
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    Anti-racist health care practice (review)
    International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 4 (2): 164-168. 2011.
    Elizabeth A. McGibbon and Josephine B. Etowa’s co-authored book Anti-racist Health Care Practice exposes and addresses systemic racism in the Canadian health-care system. McGibbon and Etowa directly confront racism in health provision and Canadian society, and provide a discussion of racism and related issues (gender, class) that does not hold back criticisms. The system of racial oppression and its sustenance by white privilege is presented to the reader in a clear and straightforward way, maki…Read more
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    Anti-racist health care practice, by Elizabeth A. McGibbon and Josephine B. Etowa
    International Journal of Feminist Approaches to Bioethics 4 (2): 164-168. 2011.