• Agape: Love and Art in Community
    Analytic Teaching and Philosophical Praxis 34 (2): 74-85. 2013.
    In the New Testament the early Christians adopted the notion of absolute, creative and excessive love—agape—as a comprehensive fatherly love that God possesses for mankind, which as a consequence extends to a love of one’s fellow man. This paper is an investigation of agape and its relevance in contemporary art. Like a work of art, agape has an immanent creative component in that it generates value in its object. Agapic art is largely activated in the space of community. I unpack my thesis exami…Read more
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    What is unpresentable in art? This paper considers VALIE EXPORT’s feminist exhibitionism in her 1968 performance artwork Genital Panic, which took place in a Munich cinema. EXPORT’s transgressive display of her genitals, which finds art-historical precedents in medieval sheela na gigs and Courbet’s Origin of the World, established a paradigm for a kind of feminist art collision that continues today, – for instance in Deborah de Robertis’ 2014 unauthorized performance at the Musée d’Orsay. EXPORT…Read more