• Medical Educational Effect of Group Encounters
    with Hiroko Itatani, T. Kikkawa, and Y. Shinpo
    Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 12 (4): 123-127. 2002.
    Ever since the Long term Care Insurance System was introduced in Japan, training and qualitative enhancement to the nursing care given by health professionals to the elderly has been requested. It is necessary to train health professionals to recognize the psychological and physical states of the elderly persons they are caring for. An education program that centers on a clinical education is necessary for this but has not been developed in Japan. This research aimed at clarifying the present si…Read more
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    Light-induced defect creation in hydrogenated polymorphous silicon during repeated cycles of illumination and annealing
    with K. Morigaki *, H. Hikita, and P. Roca I. Cabarrocas
    Philosophical Magazine 85 (29): 3393-3407. 2005.