• Searching for Soul: Work and Human Evolution
    Dissertation, Colorado State University. 1999.
    A grounded theory study reveals that when nine key concepts are present, workers find the optimal meaning of work. The concepts provide the constructs for the emergent work and human evolution theory. The theory is: ;"For work to be meaningful to the individuals, it must provide a framework where people with different backgrounds and needs can choose to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at our own speed and will, experiment and discover our essence, manifest our vision in a…Read more
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    Empathy, Connectedness and Organisation
    with Kathryn Pavlovich
    Journal of Business Ethics 105 (1): 131-137. 2012.
    In this paper, we conceptually explore the role of empathy as a connectedness organising mechanism. We expand ideas underlying positive organisational scholarship and examine leading-edge studies from neuroscience and quantum physics that give support to our claims. The perspective we propose has profound implications regarding how we organise and how we manage. First, we argue that empathy enhances connectedness through the unconscious sharing of neuro-pathways that dissolves the barriers betwe…Read more