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    C-Abl phosphorylates Dok1 to promote filopodia during cell spreading
    with P. J. Woodring, J. Meisenhelder, S. A. Johnson, G. L. Zhou, J. Field, F. Bladt, T. Pawson, Niki M., P. P. Pandolfi, J. Y. J. Wang, and T. Hunter
    Filopodia are dynamic F-actin structures that cells use to explore their environment. c-Abl tyrosine kinase promotes filopodia during cell spreading through an unknown mechanism that does not require Cdc42 activity. Using an unbiased approach, we identified Dok1 as a specific c-Abl substrate in spreading fibroblasts. When activated by cell adhesion, c-Abl phosphorylates Y361 of Dok1, promoting its association with the Src homology 2 domain / SH3 adaptor protein Nck. Each signaling component was …Read more
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    Comparative Political Philosophy: Studies Under the Upas Tree (edited book)
    with Barry Cooper, Anthony Parel, Majid Tehranian, and Robert X. Ware
    Lexington Books. 2003.
    Comparative Political Philosophy: Studies Under the Upas Tree examines four major traditions of political philosophy and discusses similarities in their key ideas and assumptions. An intellectually daring enterprise, this fascinating volume focuses on key texts from Chinese, Indian, Western and Islamic political philosophy