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    The Rule-Following Problem and Wittgenstein’s Place in Sociology Studies
    Epistemology and Philosophy of Science 57 (3): 23-33. 2020.
    The article presents an attempt to evaluate the influence of the late Wittgenstein philosophy on sociology and some empirical programs of sociological research. At first we give a brief overview of the rule-following problem and consider, on the one hand, a skeptical reading and a skeptical solution to the problem by S. Kripke and, on the other hand, criticism towards Kripke by some Wittgensteinians). Then we reveal the role of skeptic reading in the sociological works of D. Bloor and the role o…Read more
  • Wittgenstein’s Anti-Platonism in a field of ethics, philosophy of religion and philosophy of mathematics is a common place in Wittgenstein studies. But Wittgenstein’s approach to Plato and especially the way Wittgenstein reads Plato’s dialogues are usually dismissed. In the article, I recollect nearly all passages in Wittgenstein’s texts where Wittgenstein gives any quotations from Plato or any comments on Plato and Socrates. I analyze contexts in which these quotations and comments emerge. Then…Read more