•  96
    Explanationism, Super-Explanationism, Ecclectic Explanationism: Persistent Problems on Both Sides
    with Ryan T. Byerly and Kraig Martin
    Logos and Episteme 7 (2): 201-213. 2016.
    We argue that explanationist views in epistemology continue to face persistent challenges to both their necessity and their sufficiency. This is so despite arguments offered by Kevin McCain in a paper recently published in this journal which attempt to show otherwise. We highlight ways in which McCain’s attempted solutions to problems we had previously raised go awry, while also presenting a novel challenge for all contemporary explanationist views.
  •  91
    Problems for Explanationism on Both Sides
    Erkenntnis 80 (4): 773-791. 2015.
    This paper continues a recent exchange in this journal concerning explanationist accounts of epistemic justification. In the first paper in this exchange, Byerly argues that explanationist views judge that certain beliefs about the future are unjustified when in fact they are justified. In the second paper, McCain defends a version of explanationism which he argues escapes Byerly’s criticism. Here we contribute to this exchange in two ways. In the first section, we argue that McCain’s defense of…Read more
  • Piaget, Dewey, and Complexity
    with D. J. Simpson and J. Gallagher
    Journal of Thought 33 75-82. 1998.