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    Remarks on generic stability in independent theories
    with Gabriel Conant
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 171 (2): 102736. 2020.
    In NIP theories, generically stable Keisler measures can be characterized in several ways. We analyze these various forms of “generic stability” in arbitrary theories. Among other things, we show that the standard definition of generic stability for types coincides with the notion of a frequency interpretation measure. We also give combinatorial examples of types in NSOP theories that are finitely approximated but not generically stable, as well as ϕ-types in simple theories that are definable a…Read more
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    Local Keisler measures and nip formulas
    Journal of Symbolic Logic 84 (3): 1279-1292. 2019.
    We study generically stable measures in the local, NIP context. We show that in this setting, a measure is generically stable if and only if it admits a natural finite approximation.