Leonid Kornilaev

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
  • Individual and Social in L.I. Petrazhitsky's Philosophy of Law
    RUDN Journal of Philosophy 25 (3): 513-523. 2021.
    Along with competing legal concepts of positivism and gnoseologism in the second half of the 19th century, a direction of legal psychology was formed, within which the psychological theory of law by the Russian and Polish lawyer L.I. Petrazhitsky takes a prominent place. L.I. Petrazhitsky's legal theory interprets the law as a mental phenomenon in a person's mind. The mental life forms the internal and external legal behavior. Studying the law becomes possible only by analyzing the subject's par…Read more
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    Reception of Emil Lask’s philosophy in Russia
    Studies in East European Thought. forthcoming.
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    Kant's doctrine of education and the problem of artificial intelligence
    Journal of Philosophy of Education 55 (6): 1072-1080. 2021.
    Journal of Philosophy of Education, EarlyView.
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    The period between the late 1910s and early 1920s saw the emergence of onto-epistemological philosophical projects in Russia that was determined by criticism and attempts to overcome the domination of epistemology in philosophy which was the result of the intensive development of Neo-Kantianism and the influence of Husserl’s phenomenology. Attempts to turn towards ontology were made both by Russian religious philosophers and by Russian Neo-Kantians. I look at the little-studied philosophical pro…Read more
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    This report presents the features of the organisation and the main ideas of the international scientific conference “‘No Right of Sedition’. Kant and the Problem of Revolution in the 18th—21st Century Philosophy.” The conference was held at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) in Kaliningrad on November 9—10, 2017 and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The event was organised by the Academia Kantiana — a research unit on comparative studies on Russia…Read more